Nurse Liz NP Binder - Primary Care Resources

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This bundle includes all of my NP reference sheets that I've created, a list of frequently used ICD 10 codes, and a list of links+descriptions of external resources that round out my binder. I use these resources in primary care practice to guide management of common conditions and wellness visits.

The files included are all PDFs, which can be used on a tablet/computer/phone or printed out.

I regularly add/update resources, which will be available at no additional cost. You will receive periodic emails when new files are available!

Note: these files are available immediately - if you don't see a link in your email, make sure to check the spam folder! This only seems to be happening to Gmail accounts.
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Welcome to the NP Binder
NP Binder - External Links & Resources
NP Binder Updates Only
Anxiety and Depression Medication
Type 2 Diabetes Management
Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Antibiotics by Class
Social Media Accounts for Education
Phone Apps for Primary Care
NP Note Template
Hypertension in the Older Adult
Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction
Chest Pain
HIV in Primary Care
Menopause HRT
Adult Cold and Flu OTC Treatment
How To Order Diabetic Supplies
Cold vs Flu
Cold vs Flu black and white
Antibiotic Man
Oral Contraceptives
Anemia Flowchart
Derm Terminology
Common Acute Treatments
Anti Infective Info by Class
ICD 10 Common Codes
Antidepressants: A Comparison
Starting an SSRI or SNRI
Medication Tracking Chart
Heart Murmurs
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Nurse Liz NP Binder - Primary Care Resources

381 ratings